Head & Neck Oncology

Head & neck tumors also include the mouth, sinuses or nasal cavity, thyroid, throat, larynx, and skull base. Some of the head and neck tumors are cancerous, whereas others are benign. The cancerous tumors must be cured promptly to reduce the chances of spreading (metastasizing) into the other organs. The benign masses are not cancerous but can be severe if they impact human nerves and take pressure in head & neck and therefore often removed surgically. Positron Hospital has extensive experience in minimally invasive endoscopic skull base surgery, transoral surgery, transoral laser resection, and microvascular free flap reconstruction.

The department of ENT, Head & Neck Surgery at Positron Hospital combines the finest technology & manpower for correcting numerous kinds of voice disorders & performs advanced procedures including phono surgery & laryngology. The division is equipped with various cutting-edge technologies to provide the best possible treatment for each patient. Our team works closely with specialists to provide coordinated & planned care for thousands of patients annually.

Several high-end surgeries like Cochlear implant surgeries, head & neck tumor surgeries (Revision parotid tumors, Parathyroid tumor, Thyroid tumors including cancers, Skull base tumor removal), Endoscopic brain fluid leak repair through nose popularly known as CSF rhinorrhoea, plastic surgery of the nose, facial nerve paralysis surgeries, Reconstruction of windpipe popularly recognized as tracheal reconstruction, and tracheoesophageal fistulae repair are performed.

Our Expert Doctors

Our Multidisciplinary Expertise

At Positron Hospital, patients take benefit from our massive resources & talent available. Our surgeons team up closely with our medical & radiation oncologists to tailor the most suitable strategy of therapy for all the patients for their particular treatment needs. Our oncologists are deeply committed to providing patients with comprehensive and personal care for their diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation & follow-up.

Wide-ranging Rehabilitation

Surgery for neck and head cancers can be scarring. Our head & neck reconstructive surgeons are experienced in facial reconstructive surgery. Our treatment’s goal is to provide effective therapy that helps eradicate cancer, preserve your appearance & function, and minimize the effect on your life quality.

Minimally Invasive Approach

Our oncologists and surgeons take a minimally invasive approach for head & neck oncology whenever possible. We use pioneered endoscopic approaches for tumor removal, which are performed without any external incisions. For instance, some early-stage & mid-stage tumors of tonsils, larynx, pharynx, and tongue base can be removed via the mouth. And, some skull base tumors might be removed via the nose. These approaches reduce the need for the feeding tube or tracheostomy after surgery and provide speedy recovery.