General Medicine

Positron Hospital’s General medicine department always focuses on illness prevention & health support. It is our major privilege to become one of the most effective & dynamic centres of general medicine. The Department of general medicine offers cross-speciality treatment for our patients with the whole gamut of required clinical situations. Backed by the tremendous proficiency in this field, our doctors or consultants endeavour to offer comprehensive & concerned care across all the dimensions including curative health and preventative health.

The passionate team of our general physicians are able to provide a whole range of health care support to patients of all ages and guarantees the apt treatment by taking them to our concerned department. Moreover, the clinical ruling at the Hospital is reinforced by our efficient laboratory combined with state-of-the-art techniques for a better analysis of your illnesses. All and all, the doctors at our general medicine department provide proper health & lifestyle instructions that help our patients to avert the recurrence. There are three major objectives of our general medicine department, such as –

  • Appropriate Patient Care,
  • Modern Education, and
  • Proper Research.

Positron Hospital’s clinical programs are packed with comprehensive care for adults suffering from acute illness, chronic problems, & age-based preventive issues. Our experienced team join in collaboration with the specialist health care providers to recover the health of our patients. The department of general medicine at Positron Hospital specializes in lifestyle diseases such as Hypertension, Bronchial asthma, diabetes, obesity etc. and also treat various chronic ailments of immune disorders such as Arthritis, multisystem diseases, haematological & blood-related aberrations, & metabolic diseases. We make an attempt to screen & detect Cancer at its initial stage. We are vigilant towards the communicable diseases like Tuberculosis, Typhoid & Hepatitis. Our team take pride in upholding the preventive health, stress control, weight & diet management, and many other illnesses.

No matter, what your condition is, our experienced doctors have a perfect solution for all diseases including diagnostic problems and handling the severe chronic diseases. We also bring to patients a systematic approach of wellness for disease prevention & promotion of human health.

Our Expert Doctors