Anaesthesiology and Pain management

The Anesthesiology services of Positron Hospital provide pre-anaesthetic evaluation & anesthetic care for all kinds of surgical procedures. Patients experience preoperative evaluation after relevant diagnostic tests. All patients are given anaesthesia care with advanced anaesthetic techniques & drugs which promote rapid recovery & appropriate postoperative pain relief.

Our Anesthesiology Service is provided by qualified and credentialed anesthesiologists. Our anesthesia team includes expert anesthesiologists for General Anesthesia and Monitored Anesthesia care for local & topical anesthesia. Our Monitored Anesthesia Care incorporates state-of-the-art equipment such as Electrocardiography with Capnography, respiration monitor, Pulsoximetry, Non-invasive blood pressure, stand-by Defibrillator, and Temperature monitors. Before surgery, each patient is individually assessed by our expert Health anesthesiologist. After this evaluation, we maintain a customized plan that is formulated on the basis of individual patient's overall health, physical status, & other factors. We strictly follow the modern technological advancements that have made it possible to tailor medications to meet each patient's requirements. There are four main types of anesthesia services that we provide –

Local Anesthesia services

A small amount of anesthetic is injected or applied to block the patient’s pain in their localized area that includes biopsies & minor surgery.

Regional anesthesia services

Regional anesthesia service blocks the patient’s pain from the larger areas of the body that include their back, without causing any unconsciousness. We accomplish regional anesthesia service by injecting the small amount of anesthetic near the cluster of nerves which can numb the region of the body by undergoing surgery. It is the form of anesthesia that includes epidurals and spinal blocks.

Conscious or intravenous sedation

In this type of anesthesia service, the combination of different medications is used to relax patient and block their pain. Patients have to stay awake but might not remember the process afterwards. This kind of anesthesia is used for minor surgical & diagnostic processes, like the repair of the fractured bone, plastic & reconstructive surgery, and minor skin surgery.

General anesthesia service

General anesthesia service affects the whole body, putting you to sleep, relaxing your muscles, and blocking pain. Our general anesthetic drugs include gases & vapors inhaled through the mask and tube, while others are administered via a vein.

Our Expert Doctors

Dr Amita Chauhan
MBBS | Diploma Anesthesia
Dr Geetesh Kumar Saini
MD (Anaesthesia) | ACLS/BLS Provider