About Us

About Positron Hospital

Positron Hospital is one of India’s leading providers for inclusive, cutting-edge and integrated healthcare services. We at Positron Hospital offer holistic integrated care catering to patients of all age groups, providing preventive and therapeutic care in multiple specialities, ranging from general to high risk and intensive care services. The organization embraced a rapid advancement in the field of medical equipment and pioneered the introduction of cutting edge innovations in India. Positron Hospital is a home to the most prominent doctors and surgeons, most of whom are not just superior, but also the pioneers in the respective arenas.

The cornerstones of Positron’s legacy are our unstinting focus on clinical excellence, the use of modern technology, affordable costs, and forward-looking to research & development. The core of our patient-centric culture is Tender Loving Care, and it is the magic that inspires hope among our patients. We constantly strive to provide our patients with the most appropriate treatment options for greater accuracy and reduced recovery time. All and all, Positron is an organization that not only treats, but innovates too, by providing international standards of technology, procedures, clinical care, & a fusion of traditional, & modern medicine culture.

“We have built a multi-speciality tertiary care hospital that matches with the international standards of healthcare all across the globe, where approachable care is provided to all patients. We embraced the rapid advancement in the field of medical equipment and pioneered the introduction of various cutting edge innovations. Positron Hospital is not just an example of technical advancements, but also combines the jewel of quality, medicine, and service excellence.”


“Positron's vision is to ‘Secure Million’s Lives'. Positron Hospital is established with a sole vision to be a globally respected holistic healthcare organization that is known for Clinical Excellence & Distinctive Patient Care.”

Our Mission

"Our mission is to provide world-class medical care backed with the latest technology, compassion, and high quality. Our strong endeavor is to ensure achievement and maintenance of excellence in medicine, research and healthcare for the benefit of humanity.”

  • To develop a pattern of medicine and healthcare that demonstrates a high standard of medical advancement to the patients globally.
  • To integrate a holistic approach to health care delivery & promote evidence-based research.
  • To develop expertise & set the highest standards of care of public health relevance in this developing world

Positron Hospital evolves its healthcare approach, but their values remain the same.

Integrity and Courage

Be principled, honest and open and maintaining the uppermost ethical standards by putting the patient’s interests ahead. We demonstrate our moral courage to do the right things only.

Patient Centricity

We Commit to offer the 'best outcomes & experience' to our patients. We treat our patients and their caregivers with care and understanding beyond our duty. Our patients’ needs will come first.

Collaboration and Teamwork

We promote collaboration and teamwork and welcome advanced changes & creativity, which helps to encourage innovation & seek better ways to gain our goals.


We continuously innovate and improve to exceed patient’s expectations. Our team possesses ‘can-do’ attitude. We challenge ourselves and do things differently.


We are responsible & take pride in all our actions. We take the initiative and go beyond your expectations. Delivering commitment and agreements is our priority.