Healthcare professionals of all education and experience levels are needed in emergency medicine, from high school grads to doctorate level physicians and everything in between.

In speaking with professionals who specialize in emergency medicine, it’s evident that this type of medicine is not ideal for everyone. Some workers prefer to build relationships with patients and have some continuity of care. Emergency medicine is more episodic. But that’s why many emergency care professionals enjoy emergency medicine. Emergency medical professionals enjoy being able to quickly treat or “fix” acute health issues and then sending the patient on his or her way. At that time, the emergency medical professional can then move on to the next patient and the next issue.

Emergency medicine physicians work in the emergency department of a hospital. They typically work 12 hour shifts but may work 8-10 hour shifts, in which case they would work more shifts per week. Depending on the size of the hospital and trauma level handled at a given hospital, the physician may have to deal with very severe cases of trauma, or more minor emergencies.

An emergency room is staffed with many nurses at varying levels of responsibility, clinical authority, and education. Registered nurses and nurse practitioners are very important to the care of patients in the emergency room.