About POSITRON Hospital

Here at Positron hospital, we have different Visions and Mission.

Our mission is to improve the health of our community by providing compassionate and exceptional healthcare and keep all healthy and happy.

And our vision is all focused on to develop our services more and make them more superior with information, special care and the latest technology. Our most valuable patients and their families with our community should feel connected and coordinated with their health. We are taking steps to strengthen our capabilities with the help of our partnerships and growth. We are responsible to our communities more with the independence we have with us.

Our Values

We also do have some values which are very important for us, and we follow them in every way. Some of the benefits we follow are

Perfection: We always trust the method of providing the best care possible to our patients and end in their treatments with the best approach to serve quality and safety to our patients.

Service: Our primary focus is always our patient, and whatever we do is for our patients.

Creativity: We believe in creativity and never dying spirit of development between us and always work for our patients and community.

Protection: We believe in supporting and nurturing and protecting talents, relationships and resources dependent on us.

Purity: we always believe and do support the things which are legal and correct.

Compassionate: we always try and believe in giving proper care to all our patients.

Teamwork: One of our unique qualities is our teamwork which makes us stronger and one of the most trusted organization. Collaboration is defined as when two or more people come together to discuss a common topic and put their views out, which makes a decision more correct and trustworthy.

Working for predefined goals gives various advantages like maintaining stability and encourages problem-solving and actual discussion. According to different researches, it was found that combined services in different health providers to provide better treatment to population and communities with limited access to health care.

Teamwork is one of the essential aspects due to a few reasons. Firstly, nowadays, clinical care is becoming more complex day by day, resulting in forcing the medical staff to learn new methods in very less time and perform different services.

Increase in population is facing various diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart, because of which health departments are taking a multidisciplinary approach towards health care. In United states manage the person who is suffering from various health problems.

Innovation infrastructure: A handful of hospitals, however, we figured out that with proper support sufficient hardship, tight management of innovation is possible, with visible positive results on both clinical quality and economy.

The report represents about the work of one year related to researching the essential components of “innovation infrastructure”, and it is arranged around four key pillars: innovation management organization, creation of a 360-degree assessment process, improvements in technology intelligence, confirming the main rollout.

The publication diagnosed eighteen attributes for an organization to be successful; it also counts case studies and related collateral materials from health systems and hospitals with strict technology assessments of functions.

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